Case Study - Chicago Private Car Service

Project Goals

As a widely recognized private car service provider in Chicago, Chicago Private Car Service's goal is to continue its growth and expand further into the neighboring markets in Chicago.

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Project Details

  • LOCATION: Chicago, IL
  • INDUSTRY: Private/Black car service
  • VOLUME: 5,500 orders a month
  • FLEET SIZE: 60 vehicles
  • OFFICE: SmartDispatch Enterprise Cloud
  • MOBILE: SmartDispatch Android for Tablets
Launch Project

Company Background

With a fully staffed operation and a long standing history of servicing the Chicago and metropolitan area providing exceptional service primarily to and from O'Hare. Midway, and the Loop (Downtown), Chicago Private Car Service is the longest private car service in Chicago. They provide service for many fortune 500 companies, with quick, personalized, and a forward looking business model to continue its growth and presence in Chicago.


The challenge for Chicago Private Car Service was to find a Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD) to implement as they continued to move forward with their business goals. The choice was to implement the complete SmartDispatch Enterprise Cloud Solution to manage Reservations, Dispatching, Fleet Operations, Drivers, Billing and Accounting, Online Web Order integration that addressed all of the requirements and could seamlessly integrate all facets of their operation.

Solution Requirements

The major requirement was for the new solution to be seamlessly integrated into their complete business. "The company wanted to be sure all of the data would update in real time to the SmartDispatch Cloud system and make the information visible throughout the business", states Jason Kim, COO of SmartDispatch.


The IT staff at Chicago Private Car Service went to work to identify what the ideal Reservation, Dispatching, and Billing data needed to be delivered to the SmartDispatch Cloud Solution and other partners that would have to be introduced into the project. Working closely with T-Mobile, SmartDispatch has been able to provide a solution that allowed our Android tablet and smartphone application to integrate with the main office of Chicago Private Car Service.

All of the data is being moved through the SmartDispatch Cloud AP module utilizing the robust Microsoft SQL Database. As reservations are being placed, SmartDispatch seamlessly integrates the CPC fleet and drivers to produce standardized and consistent information that would flow through the operation in real time.

Results and Benefits

The tight integration of the SmartDispatch solution and its intuitive user interface enables seamless order processing from order entry to the final drop off of the customer. Payment and order information is shared across the enterprise, and tracking information is available in real time to the customer service department as well as billing and management departments. The desired result of Chicago Private Car Service was achieved and the SmartDispatch Cloud Solution reduced operating costs and ensured that current growth models are properly achieved.

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