Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system?

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems are exactly as the name describes, they are software tools that aid the dispatch center to take orders, dispatch, maintain clarity and provide a stable working environment for your dispatch center. The level of automation a CAD solution provides varies by each and every vendor.

SmartDispatch has a strong foundation and a proven 28 years of operation ensuring that the acuraccy of data and speed at which they are distributed throughout a dispatch center are always working at maximum efficiency.

How much does it cost?

CAD solutions vary in cost from vendor to vendor. Traditionally CAD systems demand a high upfront investment, making it difficult to procure the necessary tools to manage and grow your business. SmartDispatch has always focused on making it possible for fleets of any size to be able to obtain an Enterprise class CAD solution for fleets of any size. SmartDispatch Cloud and new mobile technologies continue to allow us to bring the latest technologies to all of our customers accross the country.

Why should I purchase a CAD system?

Computer Aided Dispatch systems are tools that every dispatch operation should have, be it a small, medium, or large scale enterprise. The level of efficiency CAD systems provide, and the consistent well defined workflow of these systems allow dispatch centers to focus on more important tasks.

Where can I get support?

SmartDispatch provides comprehensive technical support 24/7. Our success has been attributed primarily due to this reason, if you encounter any issues at all we are just one phone call away.

How important is a CAD for my business?

Computer Aided Dispatch systems are important for all business owners as they give you the freedom to focus on what your business really needs. Time is the only resource we cannot obtain, SmartDispatch Cloud enables dispatch centers to focus on details to further improve their operational efficiency.

What is a User Interface?

User Interface is the interaction between the end-user and the application being used. SmartDispatch maintains a strong focus on optimizing and building intuitive User Interfaces. Our CAD system makes hundreds of decisions every second based on key business logic for the dispatch center. It only makes sense for us to further build up a UI where the order taking process takes seconds to complete.

Why should I use a CAD system?

CAD systems allow your dispatch office to focus more of their attention on your customers. SmartDispatch cloud has a wealth of information just a fingertip away. The transparency, speed, and the quality of the data available in real-time allow your dispatch center to maintain a high level of operational efficiency.

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