Reliable Solution

SmartDispatch is up to the challenge of developing and deploying systems that can handle the demanding requirements of the transportation industry. Our technology has proven itself over 28 years to withstand the demands of the 24/7 and 365 day a year operation. We have clients nationwide who have used our systems with no downtime caused by our software with over two decades of use.

"Instant On" Implementation

SmartDispatch Cloud is more than the average CAD solution. Our experience and expertise in this high demand industry has given use the ability to move thoroughly and quickly in developing the right tools for implementations. SmartDispatch Cloud will help your dispatch operation yeild a high ROI sooner.

Our Technology

Business Intelligence

SmartDispatch Business Intelligence is tailored and cost effective reporting and analysis solution, helping dispatch operation executives make effective, strategic decisions with timely and detailed reports.

When dispatch operations integrate data gathered from SmartDispatch Business Intelligence with data from other parts of the business, dispatch operations increase their ability to manage the entire business, not just the operation. They can then answer important business questions such as:

  • ‿Who are my most and least profitable customers?
  • ‿Where should the focus be to reduce costs: drivers, vehicles, dispatchers, operators or equipment?
  • ‿What existing services are losing money or what new services are financially attractive?

SmartDispatch CAD Optimization

  • The Mastermind Behind the System
    31 years of technology integrations

    The landscape of dispatch operations is changing. As we move into the 21st century, there are several trends that are having a direct impact on the industry with movement into dispatch operations.

  • Automating Dispatch Organizations
    Improving efficiency and productivity

    CAD systems are the "aces" behind these highly complex projects and need to provide a flexible, extensible and fully integrated interface with the dispatch operation. Automating the dispatching processes are the key components that are developing the next generation of SmartDispatch CAD.

  • Performance and Responsiveness
    Flexibility in configurations ensure tight Integration

    No two dispatch organizations are alike and your CAD solution shouldn't be either. SmartDispatch Cloud can be configured to fit your dispatch operation and optimized to fit your needs. Scalability to grow and maintain uniformity throughout all business processes.

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